19. MJO Plots

19.1. Description

The compute_mjo_indices.py code (found in the METplotpy repository) supports the generation of RMM (Real-time Multivariate MJO), OMI (OLR based MJO Index), and phase diagrams from MJO (Madden-Julien Oscillation) indices. These indices are calculated by compute_mjo_indices.py in the METcalcpy repository. These modules are used as part of METplus use cases on generating these three diagrams.

19.2. Run from the Command Line

There are METplus use cases which illustrate how to generate RMM and OMI plots:

Instructions for obtaining sample data and all necessary configuration files are indicated in the use cases. The use cases invoke the necessary modules from the METplotpy and METcalcpy repositories.

19.3. Required Packages:

  • metplotpy

  • numpy