9. Hovmoeller Plot

9.1. Description

A Hovmoeller plot is a 2D contour plot with time along one axis and a spatial dimension along the other axis. Typically the spatial dimension not shown has been averaged over some domain. The current METplotpy Hovmoeller class supports only time along the vertical axis and longitude along the horizontal axis. This can be generalized in future releases to allow, for instance, time on the horizontal and latitude on the vertical. The examples are based on tropical diagnostics applications, so a meridional average of precipitation from 5 S to 5 N has been setup in the default configuration.

Please refer to the METplus use case documentation for instructions on how to generate a hovmoeller diagram:


9.2. Example

Sample Data

The sample data used to create an example hovmoeller plot is available in the s2s METplus data tar file


In the directory model_applications/s2s/UserScript_obsPrecip_obsOnly_Hovmoeller

Configuration Files

There is an example YAML config file in $METPLOTPY_SOURCE/METplotpy/metplotpy/plots/config/hovmoeller.yml

9.3. Run from the Command Line

An example hovmoeller plot can be generated by running hovmoeller.py on a command line

python hovmoeller.py

9.4. Required Packages:

  • metplotpy

  • netcdf4 1.5.6

  • numpy 1.20.2

  • pandas 1.2.3

  • plotly 4.14.3

  • scipy 1.5.3

  • xarray 0.16.0