27. METplotpy Release Information

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: METplotpy GitHub issues.

27.1. METplotpy Release Notes

27.1.1. METplotpy Version 2.1.0 release notes (20230727)

New Plots
  • Create skew-T (sounding) plots from TC-Diag ASCII output (#339).

  • Convert plot_tcmp.R plotting to Python (#240).

  • Enhance the Release Notes by adding dropdown menus (#328).

  • Update documentation on plots that now support logging (#368).

  • Documentation: add Sphinx callout reminding users they cannot user environment variables in the YAML file in line plots chapter (#367).

  • Make Headers Consistent in METplus components User’s Guides (#371).

  • Create a figure directory (#293).

  • Add ‘LICENSE.md’ to the METplotpy repo (#320).

  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4 (#310).

  • Feature develop cycle change (#301).

  • Improve logging for 5 STIGS (#47).

  • Address Major SonarQube issues (#43).

  • Replace the Polar Ice plot data that was removed. (#351).

  • The CI’s are oriented the wrong way in a vertical levels plot (#219).

  • Plotly does not produce bar chart data when there is missing data (#332).

  • x-axis labeling doesn’t follow the order specified in independent Var (#218).

  • fix tcmpr import statements to include metplotpy reference (#335).

  • Address Warnings from pandas in METplotpy (#296).

27.2. METplotpy Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade instructions will be listed here if they are applicable for this release.