8. Add User Documenation

Documentation should be added in the docs/Users_Guide directory.

1. Create a new .rst file for the new plot type.

Put the documentation in a file called <plot.rst>, where <plot> is replaced with the name of the new plot type.

2. Add the name of the new file to the Table of Contents.

In the docs/Users_Guide/index.rst file, scroll to the bottom of the page, and add <plot> (without the .rst extension) to an appropriate place in the list of files below “toctree”, which becomes the table of contents after rendering. Please pay attention to grouping or alphabetizing that is already in use.

3. Add images.

Add and commit any new images of plots in the docs/Users_Guide directory.

4. Review and check for errors in the automatically generated documentation.

Once the documentation has been committed and pushed to GitHub, GitHub actions will automatically create the online documentation.

Contributors will be able to view the run for the build of the documentation in the GitHub actions section of the METplotpy repository, which will be named with the text of the last commit message and the text “Documentation” underneath.

a. If there is a yellow circle, the build is not yet finished.

b. If there is a green check, the task completed successfully.

c. If there is a red “x”, the task did not build correctly. Find the documentation_warnings.log file by clicking on the name of the task that failed and scrolling down to the “Archives” section. Click on the “documentation_warnings.log” file to download it and look at the warnings or errors given with the line number and page. Resolve any warnings or errors.

Once the documentation has been successfully built, it will be viewable at this URL:


where <feature_branch_name> is replaced with the name of the feature branch.