24. METplotpy 1.1.0 Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: METplotpy GitHub issues.

24.1. Version 1.1.0 release notes (2022-03-11)

24.1.1. Version 1.1.0 release notes (20220311)

  • New Plots:

    • Create Box plot for METviewer (#119).

    • Recreate the functionality of plot_mpr.R (#9).

    • Add plotting for the MJO indices: RMM and OMI (#109).

    • Add the weather regime frequency plot to the weather regime code (#135).

    • Create bar plot to be used by METviewer (#126).

    • Vertical interpolation of fields between pressure and height coordinates (#37)

    • Add the Python implementation of the ECLV plot type (#171)

    • Create histogram plots to be used by METviewer (#141)

    • Create output for polar plots (contributed code) (#118)

    • Create plots for the Stratosphere Diagnostics (contributed code) (#170)

    • Add the Python implementation of the Countour plot type (#181)

  • Enhancements:

    • Use METcalcpy correlation instead of pingouin library (#127).

    • Add support for plotting new G and GBETA statistics (#142).

    • Create ens_ss plot to be used by METviewer (#137).

    • Remove unused parameter ‘list_static_val’ (#150).

    • Change ‘,’ as a separator for the series group to ‘:’ (#152).

    • Change the names of the CI data columns from bcl/bcu to btcl/btcu (#156)

    • Write any intermediary files to a user-specified directory (#153)

    • Enhance hovmoeller.py to log more error messages in failure mode (#182)

    • Add the functionality to add a line (horizonal or vertical) to the plots (#140)

    • Generate the Python version of the Taylor diagram (#149)

  • Internal:

    • Modify formatting of METplotpy documentation to make it consistent with other METplus components (#155)

    • Add copyright information to all Python source code (#204)

  • Bugfixes:

    • Reliability plot- change the names of the CI data columns from bcl/bcu to btcl/btcu (#124).

    • Line plot doesn’t work if data column doesn’t include “fcst_lead” (#129).

    • Revision series for MODE-TD (#157)

    • Plots with groups with date values don’t get created (#163)

    • Incorrect rendering of plot_val indy values (#161)

    • Line plot doesn’t reverse X values correctly when vert_plot is True (#190)

    • Series ordering does not work correctly in the line plote (#194)