7. S2S Blocking plot

7.1. Description

The CBL_plot.py is the plotting only portion of the original CBL.py script created by Doug Miller at the Univerity of Illinois.

For more background on this plot, please refer to the METplus use case documentation:


7.2. Required Packages

7.3. How to Use

Import CBL_plot in your script like so:

import CBL_plot as cblp

In your code, generate the following as numpy arrays (except month_str and output_plotname):

  • lons:

    a numpy array of the longitude values under consideration

  • lats:

    a numpy array of the latitude values under consideration

  • mmstd:

    a numpy array of the mean weight heights

  • mean_cbl:

    a numpy array of the mean CBL values that correspond to the lons

  • month_str:

    indicates the months comprising this plot (eg. DJF for December January February)

  • output_plotname:

    The full path and filename of the output plot file Two versions are written, .pdf and .png files

Invoke the plotting function

cblp.create_cbl_plot(lons, lats, mean_cbl, mmstd, month_str, output_plotname)


A .pdf and .png version of your CBL contour world map plot are generated, based on what you specified (path and name) in the output_plotname.